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Daaaaaamn. Never saw this coming x


I got tickets to see the manic street preachers perform their 1994 album ‘the holy bible’ in london the other day. this has been my favourite album for almost as long as i’ve liked music, and it turns 20 years old this year. the manics haven’t really touched a lot of the songs from it since richey disappeared in 1995, but now that time has healed them (somewhat), i guess they felt confident in performing them again. this is why its my favourite album.

"for sale/dumb cunt same old dumb questions/virgin listen/all virgins are liars honey"

is how the album opens. straight away a darkness is being tapped into, a darkness that will eventually engulf the listener. in the past the very left leaning, liberal manics often would shout their thoughts, opinions and frustrations to us, with eloquence and vigour, and as a teenager, just discovering politics you would sing with them. it was enlightening. that was all thrown out of the window for ‘the holy bible’. not to say it isn’t a political record, but no longer are the manics expressing their personal thoughts.

there is a recording somewhere in the depths of the album, of author jg ballard, famous for writing crash, a wonderful novel satirising materialism and consumerism. in the recording he says why he wrote such a novel.

"i wanted to rub the human face in its own vomit, and force it to look in the mirror"

i can see no better way to sum up this album. tracks like archives of pain, and its seemingly far right call for the death penalty or pcp and its apparent rejection of political correctness. the manics are now showing us that this is how some people think. no longer are they worried about how they fit into the picture, they have decided to show us the whole picture, and thus reveal how small we really are.

but we do have small moments of personal clarity. 4st 7lb comes from richey’s experiences with anorexia. this is yesterday is about the happiness from fond memories, when the past seems brighter.

i still don’t think i properly can grasp this album, the title is fitting, the holy bible is seen as the truth in the christian religion, and this album is to represent the truth of mankind, in all its brutal, violent and nihilistic glory. its my favourite album because of what i learn from it every time i listen to it. the album offers no real hope from all the pain, but by understanding the nature of these songs, you can know what not to be, what to avoid, and what to stand for, be that good or not.


Jan Švankmajer

Do you ever put your MP3 player on shuffle and not listen to it just look at the songs you could be listening to if you weren’t at work or at a dinner date or something? X

[High School kids] should stop reading Bukowski, and they should stop listening to people who tell them to read Bukowski.
Nick Cave (Rolling Stone, August 1994)

U.S. Atomic Age Propaganda Poster: ‘The Promise of the Future…’


U.S. Atomic Age Propaganda Poster: ‘The Promise of the Future…’

This surprise thom yorke album has really taken me by surprise. Listening to it and listening to syro and my heads gone all mad.

I got tickets to see my favourite album ever played in its entirety today, I’ll do a post about that later though. I have wine to drink.

Love you thom x

i am holding all judgement about series 2 of true detective until i’ve seen it. i remember this same outcry over heath ledger and again with matthew mcconaughey and etc etc etc

cool new albums to check out…

'too bright' by perfume genius

'cool choices' by s (jenn ghetto out of carissa's wierd)

'popular problems' by leonard cohen (whos 80 now)

thats all see ya x